Severe thunder-storm: Tree destroys part of North Augusta man’s home


Another hard hit area was the Five Notch area in North Augusta. NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson spoke with neighbors about the damage.

Thomas Settles says he just got home from grocery shopping when it happened.

“The storm was coming, and I guess about five minutes some kid later knocked on my door,” explained Settles. “My daughter came out, and he said a tree was laying on my front porch.”

Settles says if the tree would have fallen just a couple more inches…..

“It would have been in my dining room,” explained Settles. “If it would have been another foot or so it would have been in my dining room.”

Across the street, his neighbor told Devin his home was hit hard by the storm. Kenneth Alabaugh showed Devin the damage his home took after a tree fell on it.

“And all of a sudden we heard this bang and the house shook real bad,” said Alabaugh. “I see why it shook, and it pulled this back wall too.”

Alabaugh says the part of the house destroyed was his daughter’s room. He says he is just lucky and thankful she wasn’t in it when the storm was going on.”

“Thank god we were all in the front part of the house instead of her room.” explained Alabaugh. “Because if we would have been in there, somebody would have got hurt.”

The North Augusta resident says what’s more important is his family’s safety.

“I’m glad my family is all right,” said Alabaugh. “Nobody was hurt; my dog wasn’t hurt. It’s nothing but a room, and it can be replaced.”

Officials told NewsChannel 6 the power is still off in the Five Notch Area. Avoid that area if possible.

Photojournalist: Will Baker

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