Several properties damaged after a storm rolls through Columbia County


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – A powerful storm ripped through various parts of the CSRA Wednesday night leaving trees snapped, debris on roads, and damages to properties.

Wade McClellan recalled, “The entire house started violently shaking and I got really scared! And I made a run for it through the house. And I get into the kitchen, there’s about a five-foot-long spear through our house. If I had been in that kitchen, I’d be done for!

The McClellan family worked hard Wednesday evening to get storm debris cleaned up from their property.

“Actually, I was off in college my parents had a downburst in the area and it didn’t do any damage like this,” said John McClellan.

Randall Crawford explained when he was driving home, “Hardly even seen my hand in front of me in the car. I mean it really was coming down really, really heavy. I pulled over at some point and just there.”

Winds so powerful it knocked a tree down in front of Crawford’s driveway. Gusts toppled another tree on top of a nearby house.

“I run outside, I started grabbing a few things that were on the ground, and then I decided to run to the right. Semi-truck in the middle of the driveway,” said Wade.

The weather got so rough, it flipped an 18-wheeler. Fortunately, the driver is okay.

“A lot of storms but not this extent,” said Crawford.

John added, “Thank the good Lord, you know, trees can be grown again. People and homes that’s what’s critical. And we thank the sheriff’s department and fire department out here responding to what’s going on.”

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