Several people displaced after their homes flood


EDGEFIELD COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Rain has caused flooding that forced several people to evacuate their homes in Edgefield County.

Everyone got out of the Broken Arrow Court area safely.

“You wouldn’t think it was going to happen on this little creek because I mean it’s only maybe a 10-foot wide, 15-foot wide creek,” said Chris Franco.

Suzy Spurgeon, Director of the Edgefield County Management Agency said, “The area does flood but we never seem to flood in the same place twice so it’s really hard to predict where the water is going to rise at any given time.”

The flooding happened along Cheves Creek.

“We’ve seen it breach the banks a couple of times but never like this. I was coming down to check our pond dam because I saw the water was breaching the dam and I checked that out. And then I realized how much water was on the creek bank so I walked down checked on one neighbor when the water was probably waist-deep,” explained Franco.

After a call from a neighbor, first responders rushed to Broken Arrow Court to save the people in the flooded homes.

“We had our rescue boat overturn with officers inside,” said Spurgeon.

Franco added, “He flipped when they tried to get them out with a jetski. Just too much current and he flipped over.”

But the rescuers did eventually get the three people to safety.

“Fire department got one with a smaller pontoon. Then DNR brought in a big, wide johnboat to get the woman out because it was just too swift for even a little pontoon,” said Franco.

The saved homeowners said water was up to their knees in their home, which is hoisted up three feet off the ground.

“We’re determining they are a complete loss because of the flooding in them. If the water is flowing don’t try to cross it with your vehicle or walking through it because it can easily sweep you away,” said Spurgeon.

She added she is working to get the Red Cross to assist the families whose homes were destroyed.

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