Several new laws are going into effect in Georgia on July 1


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – July 1, Georgia Senate Bill 202 will be in effect which includes changes to early voting, requirements of identification, and tighter ballot request deadlines. Right now, the US Department of Justice is suing Georgia over the bill.

“It has not been adjoined at all so that’s what persons are asking to have happen. For the court to look at it and possibly put it on holding status. Develop evidence and things of that nature but at this point come tomorrow it’ll go into effect,” said State Senator Harold Jones II.

On Thursday Georgia’s citizen’s arrest law will be no more but there are exceptions for businesses. The law from 1863 is being repealed under House Bill 479.

Jones explained, “Some people ask me sometimes, ‘well if somebody is trying to break into my home or someone is hurting me or a family member, then I can’t do anything,’ and that’s absolutely not correct. That’s regular self-defense, we didn’t touch that all. This only goes to the situation of citizen’s arrest where you’re not being injured at all and you go out just trying to arrest somebody.”

The repeal has been a top priority for many Georgia lawmakers following the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick.

“You can’t go like in the Ahmaud Arbery situation and chase someone down and say I think you’ve done something unless you fit one of those two exceptions,” said Jones.

Porch pirating is becoming a felony in Peach State at the start of July.

“A lot of times when you make something a felony, you may discourage persons from doing it. That’s the hope anyway and of course, if you don’t discourage it, then, of course, you have the opportunity for some real, actual punishment,” said Jones.

Sixteen and 17-year-old Georgians will also have to start taking safety courses before they are rewarded a driver’s license. Speaking of the roads, you can also take a cocktail to go starting on the first.

“We almost need an extra person because of how much we sell that way. The restaurant is at least not having that big of a deficit because of that,” said Shelbi Herman.

Jones added, “You got to have a sealed container. It has to be with a food order, curbside service only so therefore you can’t go into the establishment and order five or six drinks and bring them out. This not what this is about. It’s about persons actually just having dinner with a couple of drinks.”

Another few laws going into effect July 1, local governments in Georgia will be prohibited from reducing law enforcement funding and all NCAA athletes can start cashing in on their image and likeness.

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