McCORMICK, S.C. (WJBF) – People from around McCormick, South Carolina gathered at the River Grille at Tara Clubhouse for a chance to get up close and personal with some of their elected officials.

“One of the goals of a chamber is to have advocacy that makes government and business come together, and for the community to come together. It is to show our community that when we work together, these are the things that could happen,” said Executive Director of the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce, Charlotte Tallent.

Those who attended were treated to a nice lunch, a presentation and then got the chance to ask questions to Senator Shane Massey and State Representative Daniel Gibson.

“We had a great crowd today and I appreciate people being interested and paying attention. That’s the only way this system works is if people participate. I always think it’s important that people hear from us about what’s going on and it’s more important that we hear from them, and they can tell us what they’re thinking about,” said Senator Massey.

“We all have problems, we all have things that we need taken care of, but if you don’t tell me, I don’t know about it, so it’s a great opportunity for us, and Senator Massey and I to come out, and listen to people, I love taking there questions,” said Representative Gibson.

Not only were questions answered but several McCormick organizations were presented with checks.

“Today we announced great things for three of our organizations. It was our sheriffs department, the McCormick County Historical Commission, and the Arts council. Almost a million dollars in to our community,” said Tallent.

There were a lot of smiling faces at the McCormick Legislative Luncheon, and they appreciate the elected officials that came out for the special day.

“Our elected officials are great, when we ask them to come out, if it is at all possible, they are here, and this is what makes them real to the community, and then our community gets more comfortable with having conversations, and this is what’s happened. The positive things comes about if we’re all talking to one another,” said Tallent.