AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- It’s that time of year for parents to send their kids back to school.

Saturday morning several businesses partnered together to help the community get Fit-4-School.

“Fit4School is an event we do in order to provide free school supplies to as many children as we can in the CSRA,” said Hawk Law Group Partner Shawn Merzlack.

The event was outside of the James Brown arena, and things were going on outside and inside.

The parking lot was set up as a drive-thru so people could get all the school supplies they needed.

Inside folks could walk in and get a free haircut, to look sharp for those first day of school pictures. Those involved say it means a lot to them to give back.

“It means so much to me to come out in the community and just give back. All these kids need school supplies, and health screenings, and we’re just out here to give them everything they need to prepare for this upcoming school year,” said Fulfillment Partner Paige Webb. She’s with the Alison South Marketing Group.

“I just think being out here is a great way to give back to our community, as well as just making sure these kids are provided for and have the best school year possible,” said Fulfillment Partner Chloe Woody.

The Unity Dance Company out of Aiken also came to the giveaway Saturday morning, and several of their girls enjoyed every minute of it.

“I feel giving people what they need for school really helps them because they get what they need, and when they go to school they’ll be ready. And it helps parents, that way they don’t have to go to Walmart and get stuff,” said one.

Another said, “I really like being out here. You get to connect more with the community, since we do dance a lot for the community, we really get to get in touch a lot more with the community. I’m really grateful for that and we all are.”

For Merzlack, it all goes back to making an impact.

“My biggest hope for them today is that we give and provide some type of impact in their life. If we can lessen the burden on a couple of families lives, it makes it all worth it,” Merzlack said.

Magnet, K-8, Middle, and High Schools in Richmond County will see kids back in the classroom, bright and early Monday morning.