Senator Elizabeth Warren shares 2020 presidential vision with Aiken


AIKEN, S.C. – Hot off the campaign trail in Atlanta, 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate Elizabeth Warren made her way back to the Palmetto State.

“She’s a fighter! And I think we need a fighter,” says Tom Mack, lives in South Carolina.

While people rallied for Donald Trump in New Hampshire, hundreds of people visited Aiken to listen to 2020 Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren share her presidential vision.

She talked about her plans on rights for the middle class, the endangered economy, criminal justice reform, and fixing Washington corruption.

“We have government that works great for a thinner and thinner slice at the top, but just not working for anyone else.” says Sen. Elizabeth Warren, 2020 Democratic Candidate.

Warren says will create a plan to help pay student loans and make college free for all. She also breaks down her plans for rural cities on topics like housing and healthcare.

“When a hospital closes that really hollows out local communities. Young families can’t move, their seniors feel like they can’t leave in order to have access to healthcare. It’s also the reason I support medicare for all. That’s the way we can make sure that every single person gets healthcare coverage at the lowest possible costs,” says Senator Warren.

Warren has made election appeals to minority groups, and people were able to get answers on personal concerns of how she will fight for all.

“How she’s going to take her privilege and her position of power being a white person, and help minority groups. How is she going to infiltrate police reform, how is she going to protect black brothers and black men who are being killed for just being black,” says Zyda Culpepper-Mellon, who lives in Aiken.

Warren says her main goal is to make sure everyone has an equal opportunity and that’s how she believes she’ll standing out.

“Everything that I work on about childcare, about access to education affects small communities and rural America makes sure that we’re putting resources in the hands of people wherever they live and that everybody gets a chance to build a real future,” says Senator Warren.

The Massachusetts Senator will also be attending church services in Columbia. You can praise and worship with the 2020 hopeful tomorrow at 10 am at Reid Chapel AME Church.

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