Augusta, Ga (WJBF) – Augusta owns a lot of unused property that is just sitting there, and some commissioners want to change that. 

“I think we should be looking at disposing of some of it for a profit and let the money go into the general fund to cover a lot of things we need to get down,” said Commissioner John Clark 

“Let people buy it, there’s people who are interested citizens here who are interested in purchasing a few of these places,” said Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight.  

 But Commissioner Dennis Williams says there should not be a rush right now to unload empty city land.

“Do we really need the money all that bad that we’ll get rid of something that maybe more valuable down the road,” said Commissioner Williams.  

 Commissioners say there has been interest in old Fire Station number 7.

And this parcel on Central Avenue that is now serving as an outdoor city storage lot, some commissioners would like to see this back on the tax rolls.

“Because right now it’s just an eye sore to the area,” said Commissioner McKnight.

There has also been interest in the Boat House that the Recreation Department says needs more than one million dollars in repairs. 

“So, we’re sitting down here now with an unused building that is falling that the taxpayers are going to have to spend that money on,” said Commissioner Clarke. I would not personally believe that selling the Boat House would be a great decision at this time,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

But when it comes to city property commissions could have big decisions to make.