AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Hundreds of drivers carve their way through Augusta on Broad Street but soon a section will be shut down.

“It is being closed for a film production’s needs,” said Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau (Augusta & Co.) Vice President of Destination Development Jennifer Bown.

Only one, small section of Broad Street will be inaccessible.

Bowen explained, “The section of Broad Street between 7th and 8th Street will be closed down. It actually will begin on Sunday the evening before. It’ll go through the entire day of Monday and then reopen on Tuesday.”

Some Broad Street businesses were given a notice of intent letter by the film’s production company about a week ago, according to Bowen, and parking may be affected.

She said, “There are alternate parking options available for those businesses and certainly there will be, in the traffic control pattern, there will be opportunities to allow people to get to the businesses as needed.”

Right now, the Georgia Department of Economic Development reports more than 60 productions are happening shooting in the state. But for what’s being made in the Garden City remains a mystery.

Bowen added, “They ask for a certain expectation or a certain set of confidentiality and security about their details so that’s really not something I can share or distribute at this time.”

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