BURKE Co. (WJBF)- “The rain yesterday didn’t help anything but the ponds are usually you know they’re there silty on the bottom and then when you stir it up when you put people in the pond and the silt stirs up it just makes visibility very difficult” said Captain J.W. Wyldes.

It is now day two of the search of Simon Powell.

Powell went missing just over 6 years ago and with new information—they’re searching at a pond on Ponderosa road in Burke county.

Captain Wyldes with the Burke County Sheriff’s office says with the extensive time frame of Powell’s disappearance and the weather—it has made it difficult to search for his body.

“The divers are feeling their way around and their feeling for stuff and you know the visibility is not good and so it’s really a tough chore” said Captain Wyldes.

Deputies and the search team also say alligators are usually in the pond, which can also delay their search and they’re not sure what they will find.

Stacey Welch was arrested in connection to Powell’s murder—authorities say the information she gave lead them to the pond on Ponderosa road.

“We have been able to direct  our attention towards her because of some of her own statements in information that we have claim from these tips and leads” said Sheriff Williams , Burke County.

Captain Wyldes says they have searched other ponds.

He says he’s not sure if the information Welch gave was accurate but they will continue looking.

“Well it’s it’s been six years and a lot of things have changed in six years you know the depography and everything’s growing up so you know don’t know that she was exact with this pond but you know we’re not gonna just limit ourselves to this one” Said Wyldes.

They have stopped their search to map out other locations—Wyldes says it’s unclear when they will resume.