Search for missing man on week two: Family holds vigil


May 16th is normally a day of celebration for one Augusta family. However, there was no time for celebrating.

People went to First Christian Church to honor the missing father of two, Drew Cato on his birthday. Drew’s Father, Andy Cato didn’t want people to bring candles, balloons or flowers because he says there is nothing to celebrate until Drew returns home.

“When Drew comes home we’ll have all the balloons flowers and candles there is,” explained Cato. “But right there now there is nothing for us to celebrate. That’s a celebration for Drew’s coming home, right now we just want to remember [him].”

Cato was last seen since May 5th when he clocked out of work at Fire tech. The search for him is in week two. His boss says Drew has become the community child. People have reached out to Larry Diaz to help with the search. 

“We’re getting calls on what they can do to help,” said Diaz. “Where they can go and search. I’m getting people saying ‘hey we searched over here and we didn’t find anything. But we wanted to let y’all know we were out.”

Drew’s father urges anyone who has any knowledge of Drew’s location to reach out to him and the police.

“If anybody knows anything to help Drew back to us please: I’m asking you from the bottom of my heart, your heart, as a parent or as a child, help us bring Drew home.”

There is a reward being offered for any information that helps find Drew. Right now it’s just more than $3,100. 

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