AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Drivers should soon have more than just the road to look at when they arrive the Milledgeville Road-North Leg roundabout.

“We worked with Traffic Engineering, that roundabout is not likely to have a lot of pedestrian traffic and I think it’s a good fit,” said Brenda Durant of the Greater Augusta Arts Council.

The plan is for a sculpture to go in the center of the roundabout. But you don’t have to wait on the city to get a look at one.

It’s called ‘Wind Song,’ by Augusta area artist Roger Finch who died in 2020, and it’s being donated to the city by Nelson Danish.

“I think it’s a great idea for it, rather than put it inside where there would be a limited number of people who see it, so that’s where it should go, I think the city is wise to put it there and I’m excited they’re going to do it,” said Danish.

But should people driving through a roundabout be looking at art?

“It’s not a distraction and it’s really not bad if people slow down in a roundabout. Some people treat it as an acceleration zone, which it’s not supposed to be, so art tends to slow traffic which is good,” said Durant.  

This roundabout handles a lot of cars per day, but there are more prominent ones in town, like on Berckmans Road, where tens of thousands of cars a day will pass through during the Masters. But putting a sculpture there is not the city’s call.

“That roundabout has been landscaped by Augusta National and its totally maintained, and all the decision making is with Augusta National,” said Durant.

Augusta traffic Engineers have signed off on putting the sculpture at the Milledgeville Road-North Leg Roundabout, so it looks like this effort will not stop.