AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- With Hurricane Idalia’s arrival to the CSRA, school leaders enforced their safety protocol– making sure students and their families are safe during these times.

Schools in the CSRA are calling it an early dismissal due to Hurricane Idalia. Those times are between noon to 1:30 for elementary to high school students.

Schools like Augusta Christian knew what the main goal was. Safety of students, staff, and families 

School leaders say their initial thoughts for students’ early dismissal was their safety getting home. 

Since they have students from all around the CSRA, it was important to beat the expected time for heavy rainfall.

“We also have a lot of students that don’t live in Columbia County– the majority would be Columbia County, but we have students from Burke County, Aiken County, Jefferson County– all of the areas that are supposed to get a significantly larger impact than what we’re gonna get here. And we have to take that into consideration, that they have to get home safely,” Head of Schools at Augusta Christian Schools Les Walden said. 

School leaders throughout the area want to make sure students remain safe amid upgraded storm impact in the CSRA.