School upgrades requested at Wagener-Salley town hall


WAGENER, S.C. (WJBF) – Wagener-Salley High School is the oldest building operated by the Aiken County Public School District. Now, many people say it’s time for the ball to start rolling on upgrades.

“We’re not raising a fuss, not raising a ruckus. We just want what belongs to us. We want the same opportunities everybody else has in Aiken County,” said Samuretta Muldrow.

Several people at Tuesday’s town hall raised their hands asking school administrators if renovations for Wagener-Salley are making headway.

Muldrow is a retired teacher from the school and an alumna. She said, “We’ve been known for so long, doing so much with so little that they think, ‘Oh, they’ll be okay. They can handle it.’ But we’re tired of handling it now.”

“It was very eye-opening to hear the community talk and express with their wishes were. There was nothing really new in what they said because we’ve had conversations for the last several years with the community. We were having those conversations when I was principal here all those years ago,” said Superintendent King Laurence.

Several schools like Ridge Spring-Monetta have been upgraded which was funded by the penny sales tax.

Superintendent Laurence said improvements at Wagener-Salley are a priority for the next round.

He explained, “Last penny sales tax we were able to do five projects. We would anticipate we would be able to do projects to the next round too if the voters choose the renew that tax.”

Internet access was also on the minds of people at the town hall. Administrators say this a problem statewide but they are doing their best to accommodate everyone.

“Some parents have even told me they have opted to let their children come back to school because they can’t get the connections with the virtual like it should be for their child. So you know, you can’t blame a parent for trying,” said Muldrow.

Superintendent Laurence added the school district has been responsible with their money. There’s actually about $2 million in surplus from the last fiscal year.

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