Saving old LEC for movies has commissioners talking


Augusta,Ga (WJBF) Last week Augusta Commissioners voted to do what the voters in 2015 and demolish the old Law Enforcment Center but Augusta tourism officials saying but doing that would get rid of a movie making gem.

When it comes to the old Law Enforcment Center Augusta’s official position to tear it down,but that was before it went Hollywood.

“What I saw was very interesting in terms of opportunity that presents its self for Augusta Richmond County around the movie industry I think it’s something we should seriously consider,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

‘January will be six years it’s been sitting down there empty and now all of a sudden a rush to tear it down when it’s going to make Augusta some revenue,” said Commissioner John Clarke.

Commissioners toured the the old LEC Monday hearing that it’s already been the location for four films this year, and more are on the way,

The city has collected 19 thousand dollars in rent, but tourism officials say financial impact has been much more

“It really is an impact we’ve looked at four productions over 1 million dollar impact to the city,” said Bennish Brown, the CEO of the Augusta Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Augusta leaders are becoming intrigued by the potential of the Law Enforcement center for movie making But Augusta leaders have made promises t to use the location for a new Juvenile Justice Center,

“We still have the problem of making sure we find a home for the juvenile justice system that’s something we have to look at and take it all into consideration,” said Commissioner Dennis Williams.

And voters approved money to demolish as well in SPLOST 7.

“That’s what we put before the voters and I think if we decide to do something different the voters will be the first to know about reallocating those money to another project if we decide,” said Commissioner Ben Hasan.

I learned yesterday I was not familiar with when the issue was brought before the full commission for a vote,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.

That tour may have saved that building for movies?”

“May have but not necessarily so,” said Commissioner Bill Fennoy.
George Eskola:Reporter

After a lot of debate on the future of the Law Enforcement Center the Administrative Services Committee did not recommend ending the demolition however it sent the issue up to the full commission without a recommendation for a vote next week In Augusta George Eskola WJBF Newschannel six.

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