AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The final group-stage game for team United States in the World Cup happened Tuesday, and fans gathered for the match. 

For the second time in history, the United States played against Iran in the World Cup at Qatar.

A local World Cup watch party was held at Savannah River Brewing Company, where people filled the taproom.

Fans of the game were eager to see it play out.

“I’m expecting a United States victory- an emphatic victory,” said David Rychly, a World Cup fan. “I’m not even allowing the thought of a loss to cross my mind.”

Within minutes of opening their doors, Savannah River Brewing Company’s tables were full.

Manager Jim Christian says this is his first time having a watch party like this and the turnout has been amazing.

“We decided to open up early last week for the first round game versus Wales. And at 2 o’clock on a Monday, we had 75 people in here, which is fantastic. For the Friday game versus England, we had probably 300 people in here, blown out- everybody doing the same thing watching the same game. And here we are on Tuesday with the final round game against Iran and we’ve got over 100 people in the tap room,” said Christian. “It’s amazing.

Some World Cup fans were rooting for Iran. 

“I think it’s gonna be a good match,” said Sholeh Rezaee, another World Cup fan. “I think both teams have played really, really well in the stage before this. So, it’s going to be really, really interesting.”

Rezaee also said she hopes this will bring awareness to the hardships Iran is currently facing.

“As someone who’s Iranian-American, I feel very blessed to be in the United States and have my freedoms here,” said Rezaee. “But I also do want to kind of bring awareness to kinda what other countries are going through.”

Christian says that he plans to continue hosting watch parties like this for the community in the future. 

“I don’t think a lot was expected from the U.S. men’s national team,” said Christian. “They played really well getting the draw versus Wales. The draw versus England, even though we would have loved to have a win, it was fantastic. So, here we are, right in the thick of things. We just need a win today and we can move on. It’s great.”

And it looks like Christian will get his wish: Team USA will be advancing to the next round, happening this weekend.