Satellite sites open for early voting with lines at times


Augusta, Ga (WJBF) Augusta satellite advance voting locations are now open allowing the opportunity for hundreds more to stand in line to cast their ballots. 

 It’s not November yet, but at the Henry Brigham Center it was   Election Day for voters like Charles Withers. 

“I had my mind made up I was set on doing it set this specific time to do it so I cast my vote luckily I’ve done that and I was good to go,” said Withers after voting,  

 Early voting is expanding to satellite locations, at The Brigham Center, Warren Road, and Diamond Lakes. 

 The is giving voters more options on where to cast advance ballots but at Diamond Lakes, a lot of voters had the same idea, creating a line.  

“The wait was about 45, 50 minutes short line going in going in through the side got your hand sprayed filled out your form then stay on the xs going in there very organized, very good,” said Darlene Thomas.  

 Even with the satellite sites open elections officials say voters will likely see delays but the time you go vote can help.  

 “It’s been our experience over the last two and a half weeks first thing in the morning we see long lines but by ten thirty, 11 o’clock those lines have diminished greatly,” said Elections Director Lynn Bailey.  

 Bob Cashin was in line to early vote in person, at Warren Road walking right by the absentee ballot drop off box he could have used if he had requested a mail-in ballot.  

 All the stuff about absentee ballots and how they’re going to be tied up I thought I just step up to the plate and vote,” he said 

“So, you’re just going to walk by right by the box.” 

 “Right by the box,” Cashin said.   

 Those who do want to vote before Election Day all of Augusta’s advanced voting sites will be open through Friday, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6. 

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