RICHMOND COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – During Tuesday’s Richmond County Board of Education meeting Major Jonathan Raymer, Area Commander with the Salvation Army, spoke to board

Major Raymer gave an update regarding the situation of homeless students who fall under the services of the Richmond County School System and the rising needs they are seeing locally as it regards school-aged children and their families.

Board member, Wayne Friazer said, “We have a major situation in our city as it relates to homelessness. We’ve seen children come through the Salvation Army and Shelters.”

Major Rayner agreed, “This past month of March, we had about 17 – we’ve averaged about 17 children a night. About eight are school aged and another about eight or nine are four and under. So that is considerably up from where we were the previous year, where we were probably around six.”

The Salvation Army Center of Hope is the only local shelter that takes in families.