Salvation Army seeks volunteers for Kettle Ringers


Kettle season is just around the corner, for you to donate to the Salvation Army, but they are in need of volunteers.

These donations go to places like the soup kitchen to help feed the homeless.

Congregational Life Officer, Treyvon King, knows this program all too well.

“I was young and I didn’t know what was happening. I just knew that we didn’t have a place to live,” says Kind. “We were homeless and what I remember, we were just happy. We were just happy we had a place to live.”

As many people see kettle bell ringers outside their local shopping center, it was King’s way of life.

“The army literally picked me off of the streets. My spiritual life wouldn’t be where it is–I mean it wouldn’t be where it is without Jesus–but of course without the salvation army pouring into me,” says King.

Augusta’s Area Commander, Major Douglas McClure is looking for volunteers this season.

“Right now our volunteer numbers are very low and we would like to get that number up,” says Major McClure. “I mean, all the money that we can keep, pays for things at the center of hope. It takes $1.25 to feed a person at our shelter. We feed almost 200 people a night.”

Growing up around the soup kitchen, King says one meal can change one persons life.

“I don’t blame people for not wanting to be involved. There’s a lot of different reasons why people don’t want to be involved, but to me it’s kind of sad because, like I said, it’s like I’ve been a part of the program,” says King. “I’ve been helped by this program, so just knowing how it can effect another child’s life. I mean it’s kind of sad.”

King became a pastor with the Salvation Army. He hopes that stories like his and giving during the holidays, encourages more Augustans to give their time ringing the bell, donating some money, or even using their mobile phone app.

“We’re changing lives every day; although this is a Christmas program, our Center of Hope is opened 365 days a year providing shelter folks, up to 145 folks, staying in our shelter every night. Not just in the Christmas season, not just when the weather gets cold,” says Major McClure.

Kettle season kicks off November 15th and ends on December 24th. If you would like to volunteer you can reach out to the Salvation Army, or click HERE. If you’d also like to volunteer in the soup kitchen, you can reach out to the Center of Hope.

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