AUGUSTA, Ga. ( WJBF) – For Vensentay Metoyer, the Salvation Army has been the helping he needs.

“Its been a blessing. Nothing short of a blessing,” Metoyer said.

It’s also helping many others as Salvation Army leaders said they’re now seeing an increased need for their services.

“We’re up in both meals served and lodging nights. We’re also up in the amount of families we’ve seen in the shelter,” Salvation Army spokesperson Chris Bailey said.

The Salvation Army said in June they served more than 5,000 meals, and 15 families with a total of 27 children.

They’ve also seen an increase in the need for homeless prevention services such as rent and utility assistance.

“It could be the rising costs of goods purchased to sustain yourself. There’s also a shortage of housing and I think that has something to do with it as well,” Bailey said.

Metoyer said the need may be going up as people struggle to keep up rising inflation.

“With every price going up these days its kind of hard for people to actually get back on their feet because they don’t have a helping hand,” Metoyer said.

While the Salvation Army continues to be that helping hand, they’re also looking for more donations as they deal with the increased need.

“What we need from the public is financial support and donations,” Bailey said.