AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Salvation Army is teaming up with donors and local partners to get bus tickets to help the homeless.

The initiative is nearly two years in the making and will help get homeless people to the Center of Hope to get the resources they need.

The Salvation Army mailed out bus tickets to donors and community partners. 

“We’ve handed out these bus tickets up and down Washington Road,” said Major Jonathan Raymer of the Salvation Army. “A number of the businesses there.” 

Tickets can be given to the homeless so they can use a city bus to get to the Center of Hope.

“And at our Center of Hope, we provide shelter, we provide food,” said Major Raymer. “But, more than that, we provide case work and a plan.” 

Raymer tells us the bus ticket can go a long way.

“Not everyone knows how to navigate the sometimes complex and confusing roadmap of ‘how do I get this’ or ‘how do I get that’,” said Major Raymer. “Coming to the Center of Hope with the Salvation Army – we can help connect you to those things.”

Christopher Vega has been staying at the Center of Hope for two months.

“I think it’s great,” said Vega. “There’s a lot of people that need help. You know, there’s starving people all over the city.”

He tells us there’s one thing he’s been missing in his community.

“I want to see, you know…smiles,” said Vega. “I don’t see a lot of smiles, you know? And it sucks to see so many people that have to go through such lengths just to get a meal.”

Raymer says he hopes the entire community joins in the effort of giving homeless people a path to the resources they need.

“It takes private nonprofits, it takes citizens, it takes our local government,” said Major Raymer. “To really engage and, together, to really make a dent in helping those who are experiencing homelessness.”

Vega says he hopes this effort can help bring abundance and balance to the community.

“You know, that way, maybe we can start seeing those smiles again,” said Vega. “Because I really like to see people smile, I like to make people smile, I try to make people laugh…you know, just try to do what I can.”

Anyone can get tickets at Salvation Army locations to hand out. For more information on how you can join the effort, CLICK HERE.