SALUDA COUNTY, S.C. (WJBF) – Residents in Saluda County are raising concerns after city leaders say possibly parts of their water system could be sold.

Qwen Etheredge, the Mayor of Ridge Spring, tells NewsChannel 6, “Because our main interest is what’s best for citizens and at this point that’s what we’re doing evaluating making sure we have all the information before we make our final decision.”

The city of Ridge Spring is proposing to sell parts of its waterline to the town of Monetta, likely giving a better rate to customers.

“Water breaks can cost up to 10 thousand dollars and what we’re trying to make sure is we have a viable source of water that will supply all of our needs and our future needs,” says Etheredge

During the city council meeting Monday, many people expressed concerns for selling the waterline with fear of losing water.

Including former mayor, David Sawyer, “So the rate payers and the tax payers are losing over eight hundred thousand dollars of equity in that line and that’s money could be used to help our community the majority of our residents are low to moderate income that money needs to be used by them by the town to help keep our water rates low.”

Another former mayor, Patsy Asbill, said “This particular issue we thought it was time to quit rushing the issue let’s take our time this things not costing us any money.”

City leaders say right now they’re looking at the value of the waterline and what it would look like in the future. Mayor Etheredge says no decision has been made and the goal is to find a better solution for citizens.

“I hear what they’re saying and I’m making sure that we have everything in place with all their asked for the concerns because what we’re looking at is what long term looks like for our citizens we have people come in the door that are having problems paying their water bill and council is really looking at how can we help our citizens,” expressed Mayor Etheredge.