S.C. State Treasurer Curtis Loftis to speak in McCormick Oct. 24


South Carolina State Treasurer, Curtis Loftis

McCORMICK, S.c. – (McCormick Messenger)

Curtis Loftis, S.C. State Treasurer, will be the featured speaker at a dinner on Oct. 24 at the Talmadge Center. The event is sponsored by the McCormick County Republican Party, and all residents are welcome to attend. Tickets are available for $20 each.

Loftis was first elected in 2010 and is currently serving his third term as State Treasurer. He calls himself the “state banker,” but his job is more than “managing, investing and retaining custody of more than $45 billion in public funds” for South Carolina’s state government. He also administers “the state’s tax-advantaged education and disability savings plans to provide opportunities for financial empowerment for individuals and families.”

In addition, Loftis is responsible for the state’s unclaimed property program. According to an article published in The Index Journal on Saturday, Sept. 21, “At any given time, the account is stocked with more than $650 million – with amounts ranging from just $5 to $1 million.” Loftis, no doubt, will be touching on this program and much more in his remarks on Oct. 24.

Space is limited and tickets will go fast. Contact Marge Elmore for more information about availability of tickets at 864-852-6653 or at jazzwidow@yahoo.com

This story first appeared in The McCormick Messenger.

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