Running at night for cooler temperatures can prove dangerous


Runners are taking notice of the cooler temperatures at night or during the early morning hours while it’s still dark.

However, with darkness comes danger, and keeping yourself visible without being a target is key.


Runner, Vickie Harby, says, in the summer, I tend to run early morning because of the heat.

Harby, like many other runners, tries to get her exercise in and beat the heat, but she is no stranger to the dangers of running in the dark.

She tells the story of her and her friend, we were running and the sun was just coming up, and we were hit by a car.

She hurt her shoulder, but her friend now suffers from a brain injury.

Lt. David Heaton with Columbia County’s Sheriff’s Department, says, wear reflective clothing. If you can run on the street that’s got a sidewalk. And then at the running stores, they have lights you can purchase that will attach to your shirt or your hat.

Harby says she was all geared up.

The biggest thing is just being aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t have your headphones in so loud you don’t hear anything and have your cell phone with you, says Lt. Heaton.

Some times it is the people walking around you that are more dangerous than a vehicle.

We went back to measure the routes and this guy came walking out of his driveway and practically walked into our car, says Harby.

She says she now brings a stun gun, but Lt. Heaton says anything you should bring anything you can legally carry to keep you safe.

He says, You can probably bring a small knife or something like that anything that you can carry.

Lt. Heaton also says there is power in numbers, it safer to be in well lit areas, and let your friends know when you are leaving alone and when you have finished your exercise.

It is also safe to have a road i-d tag somewhere in case of an emergency, and if you are big on social media, try to refrain from posting where you are.

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