Ronald McDonald House receives overwhelming response from food wish list


Summer is usually a slower time for the Ronald McDonald house to have tenants, but this summer, they’ve been pretty busy.

A busy house means more mouths to feed, and they found themselves with an almost empty pantry.

Communications Director for the Ronald McDonald House, Derek Dugan, says, “the community does respond, but they have never responded like this.”

It’s called “Wish List Wednesdays, and the power of the internet is what filled empty shelves at the Ronald McDonald House.

“We immediately realized we needed to do something and do something quickly. So, what we did is we went on Amazon, and we formed a wish list and asked the community through our Facebook page, and asked the community for snacks,” says Dugan.

Within hours the the Ronald McDonald House saw overwhelming results.

“We’ve had over 120 items purchased, which accounts for over 4,200 individually wrapped items that have showed up in the last few days,” says Dugan.

One sweet treat, one pretzel bag, or one juice box can turn around one family’s day.

“The families at the Ronald McDonald house are usually going to the Children’s Hospital of Georgia at 6/6:30 in the morning to begin their treatments, to have their procedures,” says Dugan. “And it’s not only the kids that are going to have the treatments, it’s mom, it’s dad it’s brothers it’s sisters.”

With extra mouths to feed, the supply may not last too long, but it’s enough for now.

“We have 23 rooms. We average 3 people in the house per room. So, doing the math it lasts a little over three months,” says Dugan.

As for the kids that get to enjoy the snacks…

“The kids like their snacks. The only challenge is to stop them from taking 10 or 12 at a time,” says Dugan.

There is an updated wish list on the Ronald McDonald House Facebook page.

They want to express how grateful they have been over the last few days

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