Ronald McDonald House opens it’s doors to evacuee families in need


Children from Savannah hospitals have been transported to Augusta Hospitals, but with hotels mostly booked, their families had nowhere to go.

The Ronald McDonald House opened it’s doors for the families in need. Two families were in need.

One of the evacuees living in the Ronald McDonald House, Nikki English, says, “when I got that call, it was very last minute, so I didn’t have time to plan.”

Hurricane Dorian is barreling it’s way up the coast and Nikki English’s newborn baby, who is just ten days old, was evacuated from a NICU in Savannah and transported to a NICU in Augusta. Nikki, just as any mother, had to be by her sons side.

“My husband started calling to different hotels around the area. They were all booked or didn’t have rooms available on certain days,” says English.

CEO and President of the Ronald McDonald House, Betts Murdison, says, “I got a phone call yesterday morning, about 7:30 in the morning.”

What was last minute for the evacuees was a quick set up for the Ronald McDonald House. They were happy to have empty rooms.

“We were all talking to each other the yesterday, all of the organizational leads from all the houses, saying ‘okay, well we can take two patients here, we can take one here.’ It just depends on the hospital the child was sent to,” says Murdison.

NewsChannel 6 Reporter, Jenna Kelley, asked English, “in such a time of tragedy, here they are opening their arms to you and your child, and you’re not with your husband or your kids, what is that like?’

“It’s scary at first, but once you get here, and you get to know the people that work here, and you just see how giving and nice and welcoming that they really are, I mean they do go above and beyond,” says English.

And 10 day old baby Ryder can stay for as many days as he needs to.

“There is no words to describe it, I mean there is really not,” says English.

The Ronald Mcdonald House is asking for donations, supplies, volunteers, and you can even go to your local McDonald’s and ask them how you can donate to the charity.

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