AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)- Robert F. Kennedy made a stop in Augusta to talk about issues impacting Americans across the country.

“50 percent of Americans can’t put their hands on a thousand dollars if they have an emergency. And if you are that group, or half the people in our country, if the gaslight comes on in your car, it’s the apocalypse,” Presidential Candidate (I) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. said.  

Many people filled the room at the Marriott Convention Center– to listen to what presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. had to say, just days after announcing he’s running as independent.

“My parents always told me that people like politicians, or people just like up there in influence, knowing the cost of bread at the grocery store; if they know the cost of bread then they know people’s struggles,” John West said.  

And that’s why people like Pat Larmon, who I spoke with, tell me she came. 

“We are lacking in so many areas, and we’ve had no help for the last few years– from the White House– I think Mr. Kennedy will bring a much-needed change.” 

Kennedy spoke about issues impacting individuals daily, like inflation, and attendees believe he could be taking a step in the right direction. 

“The politicians out there that really care about the people, you can count on one hand and I would definitely add his name to the list as someone who would really support the people in terms of things he wants to do. Like Homelessness, like mental illness too and how much money we’re spending, how much money is going to a bunch of other places and companies instead of helping the American people and families…,” West said.  

At the end of the day, supporters say they want a leader who will get the job done and restore our soil.

 “I was very anxious to see Mr. Kennedy, I voted for his uncle, back in the early 60s– I’m telling my age– but it’s time we had a change. America needs a change and I think Bobby Kennedy will be the change,” Larmon said.