Roane family rebuilding their home & lives; Giving thanks to the community


An Augusta couple is rebuilding their lives and home after a devastating fire. Over the past few weeks, the couple has made big gains despite such a big loss.

“I know one thing: God is real,” Juan Roane, homeowner, said. “He may not come when you want Him, but He’s always on time.”

Last week, the Roanes’ house may have looked ok on the outside… but take a look inside. Everything Juan and Amanda owned is now ashes. 

Fast forward one week– their home has faced major changes, after a dozen volunteers came out Saturday to tear off siding and scrap metal: “If you would have seen us last Saturday all working together and just enjoying ourselves… It was a sad ocassion what was going on, but we were all happy to be fellow-shipping together and doing what is righteous.”

But those volunteers.. just one blessing that Saturday: “An anonymous donation came to my that day. It was so heart felt. It had me in tears.”

During that first week, the couple had no where to go, so they slept in their car. But that soon came to an end: “Then someone gave us a hotel for two weeks,” Roane told NewsChannel 6. “A nice hotel.”

Contractors that specialize in construction, electrical work, and  plumbing are offering to work for free– The Roane’s will only pay for materials. A foundation is even donating lumber to rebuild, but first, the house has to be torn down. Since it wasn’t insured, its a total loss. 

As the house comes down, the family’s spirits were built up recently by learning that they are expecting their first child. Making it extra special, a stranger dropped off a hand-knitted blanket and hat for their unborn baby…More proof that the fire may have ripped apart their lives, but, the generosity of the community is helping bring them back together. 

“At one time I was so depressed. My wife was depressed,” Roane explained. “But now, we see light. We see hope. And I thank all of you.”

Juan is working every weekend to demolish what remains of their home. Right now, he still needs a dumpster, man power or a bulldozer.

You can help out financially on their GO FUND ME page by CLICKING HERE.

Or if you can help the family demolish the home on weekends, contact Juan Roane: 706-228-0375

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