Road rage? Do not engage


COLUMBIA COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Columbia County Sheriff’s Office launched an investigation into a case of road rage after an incident Saturday night. Investigators said a man shot at another driver after being cut off several times. That man with the gun later crashed and died. Now, we’re looking into ways to help you on the road if things get heated.

It usually happens like this. You’re driving and then someone becomes aggressive behind the wheel. That moment can be pretty scary and you may not know what to do.

For one driver, a morning commute turned aggressive.

“He gets out of his car and comes a punches me in the face.”

OK. This might be overly aggressive, but you’ve seen something like it before. Someone cuts another driver off, drives too closely, or perhaps flips you off in passing. Aggressive drivers can be found anywhere on the roadways. And if you feel like the aforementioned Georgia driver, you may want to just take care of business yourself.

NewsChannel 6 sat down with Brian Prince, Operations Officer for Brock’s Driver Education Schools. He said if you encounter trouble on the road, “Be courteous and try to get out of their way.”

We headed to Brock’s Driver Education Schools to see how they teach student drivers and even adults to be defensive behind the wheel.

“What you don’t want to do is you don’t want to challenge them,” he said. “You don’t want to challenge them. You want to be as courteous as you can. Try to either let them see around you, either get out of their way to let them move on.”

The road range incident that played out on William Few Parkway and Chamblin Road is still being investigated. In that case, shots were fired once the two people involved arrived at the entrance of Canterbury Farms. Authorities said the shooter sped away, crashed and died. The victim called police, something Brock’s encourages.

Prince added, “Slow down. If you have to pull off to the side, do that. Get on your phone once you pull over.”

If you’re at a place where pulling over is not possible you might encounter that aggressive driver at a red light.

“You have locks on your doors and you have your windows. Hopefully you have air so you can stay cool,” Prince advised adding that he can also see why some drivers may drive off and run red lights, but he warns against speeding.

The best advice, he said, is to remain calm in your vehicle and be courteous, if you can.

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