Riverside Village growth with the help of SRP Park


“It’s been a big boost for North Augusta, Augusta, and Aiken,” says Trish Suchler, who lives in Augusta.  

“I think North Augusta is going to be ‘it’ like the ‘it’ place,” says Katlin Carter, front desk agent at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. 

SRP Park invested millions of dollars to create a hang out for all to enjoy. Riverside Village, the nearby apartment community, hosted a block party complete with food and entertainment. 

As people enjoyed their night, we spoke with them about the time when none of this existed. 

“This was not even a thing. This was like grass and trees. This was complete construction and we were like ohh okay this is exciting. So I kind of got to see it come from the ground up. The Smoke House wasn’t even here. I mean it’s blossoming,” says Katlin Carter.

Others were attracted to the area because of the potential growth they saw coming and wanted to be a part of it. 

“It’s crazy. We moved down here probably about 9-10 months ago. When we got here, this was still being built, so it’s really crazy to see how this is an area where people come and hang out,” says Daniel Sura-Villalta, who lives in Augusta. 

Restaurants like Salt+Marrow Kitchen and Jackson’s Bluff gained a lot of attention because of their locations being right by the park. 

What made this place unique to people is the atmosphere itself that immediately pulls you in and an even better night life. 

“The view is amazing. You can see the river, you can see the ballpark, today they have a live band, so it’s wonderful. I mean it’s crazy to see how it went from nothing to something like this where this place is packed almost every single night,” says Daniel Sura-Villalta. 

With everything close in proximity near the park, it makes it easier for people to roam around and enjoy the area. 

Visitors say baseball has transformed North Augusta and created a space for people to come together as one. 

“It kind of brings everybody together. They come to the baseball game, they come over to the hotel for drinks afterwards,” says Katlin Carter. 

“We can all come together as one, and kind of be like a community where we can gather around one thing and be proud of like ‘hey we got baseball now, we got something to do’. It doesnt matter if you’re young or you’re old or in between you have something to do now,” says Daniel Sura-Villalta. 

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