River Glen Apartments is undergoing major renovations


A troubled apartment complex located at Telfair and East Boundary, in Augusta is undergoing renovations.

The owners of River Glen Apartments are letting residents know about the change. That apartment complex is it’s been the site of several violent crimes over the past few years. 

Several people who live in the area told NewsChannel 6 reporter, Devin Johnson, it’s about time their community will get the facelift it needs. 

There were two meetings for people who live there to discuss the future of their living situations.

CRG Residental is doing something that people who live in River Glen say others have failed to do.

Wednesday they showed residents their plans to renovate the area. Developers hope people will feel proud to live there.  

“I think that is the most important part of it all,” said CRG Superintendent, Samuel Bussey. “New mindset, new community, that is where the change is going to come.”

“When things are up, and things are better, people feel better, explained Resource Manager, Felicia Rhodes. “They want to re-do the community. The management and the new people who came on, were all on board to get everything set up.”

Construction of the project will begin in April and last about 13 months.

Families will be placed in hotels until renovations are complete. One resident, who has lived here for eight years, says the change will help deter some of the crime. 

“Sometimes the bad stuff overshadows the good stuff,” said Shirley Hawkins. “I believe when they upgrade these and do better they won’t even think about that anymore. “They will say that was them, but they doing better.”

The change will essentially weed out unwelcome guests as the property becomes part of the HUD umbrella rather than the Housing Authority.

“See I’m a visual person,” explained Hawkins. “If you show me what you are going to do, I’m going to believe you. The other people didn’t have a plan. These people have a plan. So I believe what they say what they are going to do.”

Soon this area that is overlooked will become a destination for better living. 

“We’re spending a lot of money per unit, probably the most in the United States when it comes to HUD property,” said Bussey. “We’re adding anywhere $80,000 to $90,000 per unit.”

The superintendent adds CRG Residential will not tear down the buildings but will gut the insides.

Also, River Glen will become a gated community. Everyone who is on the lease will have a key fob to access the apartment complex. 

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