River Glen Apartments demolishing its reputation to become a gated community


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — There is no place like home. And the River Glen Apartment Complex is ready to welcome four of the 32 families back home.

“We don’t have to have no more memories of River Glen, that is over and gone,” said management for Magnolia Court Apartments, Felicia Rhodes. “This is new, a new name, a new start, and just a new beginning.”

An apartment complex in the media because of crime. Now in the spotlight for a new reason; it’s getting a major makeover. And the tenants are eager to move into their new home.

“We’re trying to bring them into a great atmosphere,” said CRG Residential Superintendent, Samuel Bussey. “Right now we have 32 families off-site, so the idea is to get them back on.”

Families will have a brand new kitchen, bigger rooms, and living space. And there’s a plan to keep the crime away.

“This is key fob will be the way to open the doors,” explained Bussey. “It will access the entry of the apartment, as well as the unit.”

$90,000 is going into each unit. Rhodes told NewsChannel 6 reporter Devin Johnson; they are going to be strict on how the units are handled.

“If they got questions, they are going to ask us,” said Rhodes. “If we see things that are not intact, we are going to bring it to their attention immediately.”

River Glen, now Magnolia Court is an apartment complex with a new lease on life.

“We are going to be here to help them to keep this community,” explained Rhodes. “Because we are all excited about what God has done. Nobody thought it would happen.”

They are hoping to have all of the families moved in by May 2020.

Photojournalist: Gary Hipps

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