Rides to the Runoff providing free transportation to the polls


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Lack of transportation can pose an obstacle for voters. Rides to the Runoff is an organization working to lighten that burden by providing free trips to the polls.

“Every vote is worth fighting for. No matter what side you’re on,” co-founder of Rides to the Runoff, Owen Carroll said. “Every vote counts and it’s important that anybody who wants to vote isn’t prevented from doing that just because they don’t have their own transportation to the polls.”

According to the Secretary of State’s office, voter turnout in Georgia’s January 5 Senate Runoff is strong. In some counties, even historic.

“We’ve given rides everyday since early voting and I would say each day since early voting started on December 14th we’ve probably given more rides than the day before,” Carroll said.

Thursday is the final day of advanced voting. For those who haven’t voted yet, Carroll encourages making an Election Day plan.

“January 5th is Election Day, go ahead and call us now at 1-800-590-VOTE and we can go ahead and get you scheduled with a volunteer driver,” Carroll said.

While they focus on the Metro Atlanta area, Rides to the Runoff has volunteers across the state.

“We can cover the state. No matter where somebody is, we will fight for every vote,” Carroll said. “We will make sure we can get a ride to anyone who needs it.”

They also have volunteer driver positions.

“For a lot of people, volunteer drivers, this may be the first time that they’re realizing that we can do more than cast one vote,” Carroll said. “We can apply a multiplier to our vote and help our fellow citizens perform their most important civic duty.”

To sign up as a volunteer driver, CLICK HERE.

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