Richmond County students start their return to in-person instruction on January 25


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Richmond County students are returning to in-person instruction this week and school leaders say they are ready.

“A significant amount are still unknown, but we have to still charter those murky waters,” said Richmond County School Board President Charlie Hannah.

Richmond County elementary students will return to in-person classes Monday, January 25. The school district believes it is prepared.

Chief Public Relations Officer Lynthia Ross explained, “We’re taking extra precautions in places like our cafeterias, our lunchrooms, at major thoroughfares and walkways, we’re cleaning door handles.”

“I can assure you that our superintendent is up many late hours trying to map out the right course for our school system. But as far as with the risk, we have to realize that not all risk can be mitigated but we do the best that we can. And a big chunk of it has to do with individual decisions,” said Hannah.

Tuesday, January 26, students in middle, K-8, or high school will be able to see their teachers again in person. Students are required to wear a mask when they can’t socially distance themselves like during class transition.

“Encouraging of course the use of hand sanitizer. We’re not using water fountains. We’re using touchless water fountains where students are refilling water bottles, so we don’t have as many touchpoints,” said Ross.

Hannah has kids of his own in the school system. Just like his, he wants yours to be safe.

He said no decision was made half-heartedly and explained, “The school system is doing its best to keep our children safe and to educate and we ask that they help us in the process. Be our partners in reference of keeping best practices at home because the fact is a significant amount of the spread does not happen at the school but it eventually ends up in school.”

WIFI on Wheels, Meal Pick Up and Delivery services for virtual only students will return to their regular schedules.

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