AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office wants to remind everyone of phone scams going on throughout the county.

RCSO released the following guidance in the event you do receive a phone call from one of these scammers,

The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind our citizens about phone scams that are still occurring throughout our county. It is important for everyone to know that our agency does not contact any citizens asking for money to pay for citations, warrants, or court fees. Our agency is still receiving calls from our citizens who have been contacted using fake or “spoof” phone numbers requesting money be paid with the threat of themselves or family members being arrested if they do not. These phone numbers are fake and made to mimic an employee from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office. If anyone receives a phone call from one of these scammers, please hang up and block the phone number if possible. A couple of helpful tips to spot a scammer are requests for payments be made using gift cards and giving the security number on the card over the phone or if they are requesting your personal information such as date of birth or social security number. If you are unsure that you are being scammed, or if you are a victim who hasn’t filed a report, please contact our office at (706) 821-1000 or (706) 821-1080.

Our agency’s goal is for our citizens and the general public to share this information with family members and friends to help reduce the number of victims affected by these fraudulent crimes.