AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – The Richmond County Sheriff’s Office has an upcoming event to help people with misdemeanor warrants get back on track.

Mychon Dishmond of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office is one of the people heading up Operation Lifted Cloud.

“Operation Lifted Cloud is a two day event hosted by Richmond County Sheriff’s Office, the Solicitor’s Office, State Court, Clerk of Courts. It’s to assist Richmond County residents who have State Court misdemeanor warrants,” Dishmond said.

The warrants that will be cleared up during the event are misdemeanor only, no violent crimes.

“Some people aren’t able to drive because they have warrants behind their name and some people aren’t able to get jobs. So with this operation, it will help,” Dishmond said. “It could be first offenders who have never gotten in trouble before. People make mistakes.”

If you qualify for the event, you can pre-register through July 29th. Then on August 30th and 31st, you can pay a reduced fee to remove your misdemeanor warrant at Greater Young Zion Baptist Church.

“Some people just aren’t financially able to pay the original cost of their fines. With us reducing it at 75 percent, it really lifts the cloud off of people’s back,” Dishmond said.

Dishmond says there are 900 Richmond County residents who are eligible for Operation Lifted Cloud. She says 200 have already applied.

“When they leave, they’re actually going to have something in hand to ensure that yes, you are now walking away warrant free,” Dishmond said.

Dishmond says no one who qualifies will be arrested on a misdemeanor warrant at the event. It’s aimed only to help clear them up.

CLICK HERE to see if you qualify.