Richmond County Schools plan for novel coronavirus threat


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – School districts across South Carolina and Georgia are making the decision to cancel class due to COVID-19 threats. As of right now, school will remain open next week in Richmond County.

Cleaning happens all the time throughout the Richmond County School System. But in the wake of a pandemic, the plan to keep classrooms disinfected becomes a top priority.

“We’re still under our regular seasonal flu protocol so when we monitor attendance we see that there are a lot of kids out sick, we send a team over to disinfect the school. We’ll continue to do that as we continue over the next couple of weeks,” said Richmond County Schools Policy Strategist Kaden Jacobs.

“Everybody taking precautions like the schools, the business, and they’re stopping some events,” said Josephine Duncan.

Ms. Duncan takes care of her granddaughter who is in school. She agrees with the preventative methods some schools are taking, such as Richmond County suspending all extracurricular activities.

Jacobs explained, “All athletic events and really all extracurriculars. So the right size public hearings, they have been postponed. Like our kindergarten roundup. Some of those where people would congregate. We understand that people have concerns about this and so we’re trying to minimize that so that all of those will be postponed until further notice.”

“I think it’s a good idea for them to take all precautions to make sure the kids are safe,” said Duncan.

If classes in the district are canceled, there is a plan for alternative learning.

“Distance learning in the event if that occurs. It would be a combination. I want to be clear, distance learning is not the same as digital learning. Digital learning is the ‘all online.’ But distance learning we can send home worksheets and there are different things teachers can do with their students. One of the things that they’re doing is surveying the technological capabilities of the students. Whether they have a computer at home or internet access so that they can make sure in the event if we do have to close, students can still learn,” said Jacobs.

Would they kind of get some leeway a little bit?

Jacobs responded, “We try and find ways to make sure they are learning and mastery of content is not impacted by the lack of technology.”

Jacobs added crews will also be cleaning during spring break. There are no coronavirus cases in the school district. We will let you know as soon as possible if Richmond County School System closes.

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