Richmond County School District is playing it safe: Distance Learning implemented


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) — Members of the Richmond County Board of Education held a special press conference Tuesday to announce how they are handling students learning outside of the classroom for the time being. They call it “Distance Learning.”

“Your teachers have given you meaningful assignments; they have taken great care of not giving you busy work,” said Dr. Malinda Cobb.

Typically, the classroom is the place where students come to learn. Until the world gets a hand on the COVID-19 pandemic, student’s homes will serve as the classroom.

“What we are doing is going to continue that learning,” explained Dr. Cobb. “So when we are back in school, the students won’t feel like they are starting over.”

Students can get all of the lesson plans online and do the work. There are also options to contact teachers if they need help. Parents, the good news is your child can do the work at their pace.

“What we recommend is to do what is best for your child,” said Dr. Cobb. “If you know that your student can do something in a shorter amount of time, give them shorter chunks.”

Richmond County’s Associate Superintendent says the Distance Learning plan is going to be a significant adjustment. She’s urging parents to designate an area as a learning space.

“It may not be quiet because you may not have the ability to do that,” explained Dr. Cobb. “However, you do want to offer an environment that will be appropriate for students.”

Until there is word school is back open, the Distance Learning plan is in place to make sure no student falls behind in their school work.

“They left at different rates; they are going to come back at different rates,” said Dr. Cobb. “We will do what we will do to assess the students where they are quickly and modify their instruction accordingly, to make sure everyone is moving along.”

Richmond County’s Distance Learning Program will begin Wednesday, March 18th. Kids who don’t have access to technology should have hard copies by now.

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