Richmond County School budget gives teachers a raise and students more class options


As students are looking forward to the summer, many teachers are looking forward to the new school year. That’s because the state approved a $3,000 salary increase for teachers. Other employees can expect a raise too.

Director of Communications, Kaden Jacobs, says, “A 2% raise for all classified employees. The state is giving a 2% to bus drivers. The state and a federal grant are helping school nutrition, they’ll get a 4%.”

Jacobs says it’s a good gig for a new teacher.

“The average teacher in Richmond County, they’ll get a 9% raise for next year,” says Kaden.

“It’s about 40,367 is where they’ll be at next year for a brand new starting out teacher. They’re at about 38 right now,” says Jacobs.

More money means expansion. Expansion means smaller classroom sizes.

“We’ve always been a +4 district. So, we can go over what the state allows, and we are looking to be right at the state level this year,” says Jacobs.

That’s four students over the state level maximum for a classroom. Richmond County Schools use the Strategic Waivers System. They have the option to add four more students to a classroom, but Jacobs says, they don’t use it that often. Now, they won’t ever have to ask for the waiver due to reduced class sizes.

With new cyber centers, students will have more learning environments.

“We’re going to expand the Cyber Academy of Excellence that’s at rtctm. We’ll have some classes down here at Craig Houghten, which will further engage the cyber center, Augusta Tech and Augusta University,” says Jacobs.

The students are excited.

“When you’re talking about being able to graduate high school with a certification and go straight into the work force making really good money. It’s pretty appealing for a lot of our students,” says Jacobs.

When rightsizing is the answer, there is a positive response.

“I think the teachers will see that we are committed to them, that we want them to be here, and we are committed to giving them a pay commensorate with what they can do for our students. and we appreciate their hardwork and their dedication to their kids every day,” says Jacobs.

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