AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – “The first thing you have to do is make the community aware of a problem before you can start to solve the problem and that’s what we were trying to do today.” said Judge Willie Saunders, Augusta Judicial Circuit.

Parents and others in the community, coming up with solutions, to help combat many problems kids and young adults in the area, face daily.

During the Richmond County Juvenile community forum, presenters from different organizations spoke about the crisis of sex trafficking, and gangs in the area, most importantly how to solve the problems. 

“About the vulnerabilities that could be seen which is used to lead them into the exploitation also just a response to it so if you see something The different people to contact the CSEC Hotline for the state of Georgia,”  Kate Crockett, Child Enrichment.

Judge Willie Saunders says cases involving juveniles are growing everyday in Augusta—he says in order to fix the problem, it starts with parents talking to your kids.

 “You got to talk to him and that’s I like to say be nosy you got to be nosy get in their sauce have a conversation with them you don’t necessarily have to agree with them but you need to know their thoughts.” said Saunders.

Gabrielle Morgan with The Child Advocacy Center says they speak at forums like these often—and the biggest message for parents …

“Make sure you talk to your kids that’s the biggest take away from today is make sure you’re talking to your children, be aware of their social media and what’s going around them,“ said Morgan.