Richmond County Deputy Gets 15-day Unpaid Suspension After Investigation into July 4th Traffic Stop


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – An internal investigation by the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office into the behavior of Deputy Caleb Pye during the July 4th arrest of Ricky McNair, 34, concludes that Deputy Pye was in violation of the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office Policy and Procedures concerning use of unnecessary force, unprofessional conduct and proper use of the deputy’s body-worn camera.

Deputy Pye has been suspended from duty without pay for 15 days for violation of policy following an arrest he made after pursing a vehicle driven by McNair from Fifteenth Street and down the John C. Calhoun Expressway before McNair stopped the vehicle in the vicinity of the 2700 block of Washington Road, shortly before reaching the intersection of Berckmans Road, Alexander Drive, and Washington Road.

During the pursuit, additional deputies were deployed and attempting to lay down a spike strip on Washington Road when McNair finally stopped the vehicle.

Deputy Pye had his light bar and sirens activated throughout the pursuit.

After the arrest, during which Internal Affairs and Deputy Pye’s supervisor later found the deputy displayed unprofessional conduct and was in violation of the Sheriff’s Office policies and procedures concerning use of force and improper implementation of the deputy’s body-worn camera, McNair was given two misdemeanor citations for obedience of traffic control devices and fleeing or attempting to elude an office.

Sheriff Roundtree was the final say in the disciplinary steps taken against Deputy Pye.

McNair remains in jail following his arrest.

Deputy Pye has been ordered to undergo counseling and will pay restitution for damage to personal property that occurred during McNair’s arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office said they will not release Deputy Pye’s dash cam until after the disposition of McNair’s case.

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