Richmond County Deputies warn drivers of new Hands-Free law


Nearly 50 million Americans will pack their bags and celebrate their independence away from home this week. If you drive in Georgia, better put down the cell phone or pay the price. A “hands free” law is in effect.

On Monday, Richmond County Sheriff’s Deputies were posted at busy intersections giving out warnings left and right to drivers they caught with their cellphones in hand, talking and texting while driving. 

These distracted driving checkpoints are part of their educational awareness campaign for the Hands Free Driving Law.

Their goal is to raise awareness about the new law and reduce the number of vehicle accidents and fatalities due to distracted driving.

Lieutenant Scott Redmon shared with us how the checkpoints work.

“We’re at a couple of intersections today where there’s a high volume of traffic and we have one officer positioned where he’s calling into officers that are staged in two separate areas. So when he sees a driver in violation of the new hands free law, he’s radioing that information about the vehicle and the driver to a waiting deputy nearby who will then conduct a traffic stop on that vehicle.”

Lieutenant Redmon tells us that we will also see an increased presence on the roads during the upcoming weekend.

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