AUGUSTA, Ga (WJBF) – After the recent shooting incidents surrounding Laney and Josey High School …. Richmond County Board of Education is discussing safety measures for future sporting events and activities.

With many parents concerned about the safety of their children… The director of school safety says they are continuing with investigating the incidents… while controlling safety and security at football games 

“We have policies we have procedures we’re always revising them  as things progress our main goal everyday is to return every child home in the manner they left home,” Mantrell Wilson, Director School Safety.

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Wilson says as far as adding more security to football stadiums, It can’t be discussed in public for safety reasons.

“Sharing the security measures we’re putting in place is not always the best practice as those things need to remain confidential due to people being able to try circumvent them,” said Wilson.

As homecoming approach for some schools in Richmond County … One board member made a motion to cancel homecoming activities due to allege use of alcohol on school property

“Until we can get a better handle on things that we suspend any tailgating activates from taking place on board of education property,” said Jimmy Atkins, board member.

That motion did not pass after a discussion and vote from other members of the board..

“Those students have something to look forward to during this time if anything I’ll like us to enforce our policy of no alcohol if we can start there no drug,s” said Shawnda Griffin, board member.