Revenues down 1.7 million for Augusta Utilities Department


Augusta,GA (WJBF) It sells water so money does flow into the Augusta Utilities Department the coronavirus pandemic hasn’t turned off the tap but it slowed

Wearing a mask and he social distancing Isaac Jackson came to Utilities Department the Customer Service Center to take care of his water bill.

“It was all right you just have to bring a lot of patience with you have to bring you patience and be willing to wait,” said Jackson.

The customer service center re-opened last week, for walk up customers.

Bills are getting paid but department revenues through April are way off compared to last year.

“Yeah it’s fairly significant we’re down about one point seven million in revenue from last year,” said Utility Department Director Tom Wiedmeier.

In March the mayor put a 60 day moratorium on water cut-offs and late fees.

He then extended that until June, 12th.

“Is the late fees and no penalties and no cut-offs are people saying I don’t have to pay my water bill do you think?”

“I hope their not saying that but we are just waiting to see,” said Customer Service Manager Joan West.

“Why did you pay it?”

“When this thing break everybody has to ante up so I don’t want to be behind,” said Jackson.

The coronavirus caused many industries to cut back production, and that’s had a big impact on revenue.

“The big thing which was a surprise to us is the industrial service surcharge industries that discharge a higher strength waste and the pay a surcharge for that and that’s down significantly,” said Wiedmeier.

Again as of right now cut offs and late fees will begin June 13th however Wiedmeier says the department will not be in the position to immediately enforce that, in Augusta George Eskola WJBF NewsChannel 6.

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