Residents react to shots fired at Forest Hills Racquet Club in Augusta


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Residents at Forest Hills Racquet Club are shaken up after shots rang out in the middle of the night. The intended target, according to some, a car thief.

“I woke up to the sounds of gunshots and at first I didn’t even know if I was dreaming or something,” said Razel Foster, a resident.

“Yes it woke me up, it woke me and my cats up, my windows were open, it was loud for sure,” said Cristina Moffa, a resident.

Gunshots were heard around the Forest Hills Racquet Club apartment complex, Wednesday morning. David Dunagan the chairman of the Neighborhood Crime Stoppers says it started with someone trying to break into cars.

“We have video that this person was checking cars early in the morning, he eventually found keys inside of a car and stole a car as he was driving or was in the car he was shot at who I believe was probably a resident,” said David Dunnagan, Chairman of the neighborhood crime watchers.

Dunnagan says the person believed to have fired the gun is someone who lived at the complex– possibly aiming at the car thief. Dunnagan also tells me, he believes the thief was actually shot during the encounter, though the incident report doesn’t indicate any injuries. However, the gun was fired multiple times.

“But along with those gunshots he missed several times, the shooter missed, so at least one of those bullets ended up in the kitchen wall of a nearby resident,” said Dunnagan.

NewsChannel 6 was able to get a copy of an email sent to residents confirming that it was gunfire heard Wednesday night. The reports say deputies were able to find at least 8 casings and that’s raising concerns with residents. Razel Foster says it was her friend’s apartment where some of the casings were recovered.

“Yeah, so she actually she didn’t even hear the gunshots somehow she must be a deep sleeper,” said Foster.

“The next day she saw the bullet holes and she saw the bullets in there, and then she texted me, well actually called me and she told me she found the bullets there and that’s where the shooting was,” she added.

And now the question looming amongst neighbors in this quiet neighborhood. Was protecting your personal property worth endangering someone else’s life?

“We understand self-defense, but at the same time too, you gotta be aware that you’re living in an apartment complex you can harm other people along with yourself, it’s just something you want to let the law handle,” said April Eskew, a resident.

“We just do not condone firing at a thief when it’s not an imminent threat towards a person,” said Dunnagan.

According to local law enforcement, that’s legally the only reason firing a gun at someone is justified, when your life is in danger.

911 Call from resident
911 Call from resident
911 Call from resident

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