Residents likely to get little information regarding electrocution at commission meeting


A local community activist is demanding justice for the 12-year-old boy who was electrocuted at a city park in october.

Pastor Angela Harden held a rally at the park last week for Melquan Robinson.

This week, she wants community members to join her at Tuesday’s commission meeting to help get some answers in Robinson’s death.

She says the city needs to be more forthcoming about the investigation.

But residents are likely not to hear any new information from the city. 

Commissioners have not discussed the Fleming Park tragedy publicly or in executive session and say they do not have the answers the group is asking for.

“No we haven’t discussed it in legal, we don’t have any of the answers, I don’t think the investigation is complete yet. Until that happens I don’t see how we can really say much,” said Mayor Pro-Tem Sean Frantom. 

“Do you feel there is a cover up or is the process?”

“There’s no cover up. It’s just an unfortunate situation, it just takes time,” said the Mayor Pro-Tem. 

Frantom says with the possibilities of a lawsuit, commissioners will be advised to not talk about the incident publicly. 

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