ALLENDALE, S.C. (WJBF) – People living here in Allendale County are still picking up the pieces left behind by the E-F3 tornado that ripped through this area. The damage so extreme, it forced some to find new homes all together.

Driving into Allendale you can see roof tops missing from businesses and homes, some homes even completely gone.

Red Cross regional director Mandy McWherter says they are still helping residents with recovery damage just three weeks after the tornado hit, even helping them find a new place to live after losing everything they owned.

“What we did right outside was we opened a shelter for people we anticipated being displaced fortunately no one needed to use that shelter so it was closed shortly there after ” said McWherter.

She says they have helped more than 60 people with storm recovery giving them plenty of resources to use to help repair their homes.

“We opened 24 cases across several counties we’ve been in 6 counties right now supporting 64 people that were impacted by the storm” said McWherter.

McWherter says for those whose homes were destroyed they have other resources to guide them.

“If their home is not currently habitable for them we’re going to work with them to find suitable housing we’re providing referrals to the local housing authority helping to connect to other resources such as the united way or salvation army ” said McWherter.

The Red Cross regional director also say they are still looking for volunteers to help people who homes have been damaged and need assistance.