Researchers say using CBD could help reduce lung damage from COVID


AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Researchers at the Dental College of Georgia and Medical College of Georgia found an important relationship between CBD and a molecule our body naturally produces called apelin.

“We strongly believe that CBD working through these molecules in the body can be beneficial for helping the patients with COVID-19,” Dr. Babak Baban said.

Dr. Babak Baban, an immunologist at the Dental College of Georiga, found that CBD working with apelin can reduce inflammation and normalize lung function levels.

“It basically normalizes the function of the lungs significantly,” Baban said.

However researchers said its not the CBD you can buy at a local CBD store. It must be regulated and given by a doctor.

Researchers say giving the drug to patients through an inhaler during the most critical time of the virus could potentially be even more effective than a ventilator.

“There are some reports that ventilators create some inflammation and injuries, so we believe that if we can apply this in a less invasive form like an inhaler it can definitely help patients,” Baban said.

Researchers are still conducting clinical trials, but hope to be able to use the treatment in the near future.


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