Rescues report increase in animal abuse


MCDUFFIE COUNTY, Ga. (WJBF) – Local animal rescue groups want to shine a light on an increase in animal abuse cases.

One organization told NewsChannel 6 tethering nearly claimed one dog’s life.

Oscar is a rescue from Dearing, Georgia last Saturday.

“Another day and this would have totally been through his neck and into his trachea and he would have died. He would have died,” said Nancy Kay, Southern Souls Rescue Director.

He was tied up and that rope used to restrained him nearly severed his neck.

“He had a big, huge gash from where the rope was underneath his neck and as he’d pull against it, it would cut through his neck,” Kay said.

The Cockapoo stayed in that state for so long, Kay said an immediate surgery revealed something else about that rope’s damage.

She said, “In the back of his neck, the skin had already grown over the rope.”

Picture of rope pulled from abused dog’s neck.

Oscar also had burns throughout his body from poor grooming. And he’s not alone. Kay said she has other abused dogs.

Bramble is a Terrier mix with a missing leg.

And then there’s Faith, a Pekingese with both a missing eye and leg.

But Kay wants to shine a light on why tethering ordinances are needed.

“I think it should be totally against the law because this is what ends up happening to your babies,” she explained.

Richmond and Aiken Counties have tethering ordinances according to Kay who also said Burke County has a partial one.

Dog Networking Agents (DNA) and Saving the Chain Dogs are other rescues that report seeing abuse too.

Robin Mitchell, CEO of Saving the Chain Dogs, said people report those abuses to her every day.

DNA responded to our Facebook message and stated they can’t say there is an increase because abuse is so prevalent in the CSRA.

All of the animal rescues work in tandem with local animal shelters and kick into high gear during nights and weekends.

“Our policy is, we will take the dog, get it medical help,” Kay said. “The time animal control for that county opens, we will contact that animal control, let them know we’re in possession of the animal, it’s at this vet or that vet getting treatment. We allow them to be a participant in what’s going on with the animal in case the owner does come forward.”

We spoke with FOTAS Communications Director Bob Gordon. He said any abuse can be reported Monday through Friday to the Aiken Animal Control by calling (803) 502-9000 ext. 3704. That same number can be called on weekends, just leave a message.

Any signs of animal abuse should be reported to the appropriate county. We have several local rescues and they can be contacted too during off hours.

Kay added that Oscar is healing and should be ready for adoption when his healing is complete. She said he would not be where he is without Wester Veterinary Clinic in Thomson and Sandy at Dog Days Salon in Harlem.

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