NORTH AUGUSTA, S.C. (WJBF) — New communications devices are headed to North Augusta, thanks to Aiken County Council approval of an agreement between the County and North Augusta for emergency communications equipment.

“We consider that to be a big win for both Aiken County and the city of North Augusta,” Aiken County Council Chairman Gary Bunker told NewsChannel 6 about the project. “We see that as both being helpful to the City of North Augusta and being compatible with the rest of the Aiken County system,” he added.

Currently, there is a tax you pay on landline and cellphone bills for E-911 services. The money could be used to help with better equipment for emergency services.

NewsChannel 6 has learned that North Augusta’s current radio equipment it’s more than over 10 years old. It cannot be repaired if equipment breaks since there’s no repair servicing available to the old equipment. City leaders say the money will be used for radios and associated equipment for officers.

Aiken County Council has helped other cities like Aiken get certain types of equipment like radios, and now it’s North Augusta’s turn. “We have gone on for approximately a million dollars equipment buy for them based on 75 percent or roughly $750,000 coming from the E-911 account. The remaining 25 percent or 250,000 dollars comes from the city of North Augusta. This is based on the availability of the E-911 money,” Bunker shared.

Over the next several years, as the money comes in, county leaders say they will contribute its 75 percent to the radio buy that the city of North Augusta is doing.

Meanwhile, on Monday, December 20, North Augusta City Council is expected to discuss purchasing and financing of radios.